Facebook Email Extractor

Facebook Email Extractor

From soma56
Toronto, Canada
12:54 AM

I came across email marketing a couple of years ago when I had a chance to use an opt-in email list in which the users glady received a newsletter once a month. After signing up with some of the most popular affiliate websites I found the right offers to send them. I struck gold overnight. It was a great feeling…a numbers game. My hunger for fresh emails grew. I started searching Google...

How to Extract Emails from Facebook

The quest began and my search for email lists, of any niche and background, became a fulltime job in itself. I tried underground forums and while I did have some success these lists were pretty much obsolete after a week. This was because everyone was using them. I tried various email extraction tools. Some of these tools did work but they were slow and couldn't focus on a specific niche as well as they advertised. Most of the email extractors I've used (and trust me, I've used a lot of them) were terrible. And there was no email extractor that could extract emails from the most popular websites such as facebook, myspace, twitter, youtube and wordpress. I tried buying opt-in lists. They were expensive and didn't return the numbers that they should have.

I had had enough!

It was time to create my own email extractor. A tool that was fast, effective and reliable. My quest for the past few months has been a long one. Having a background in web development and web programming definitely helped in the production. I started staying up late, often pass 1 in the morning, problem solving and perfecting my tool. I focused on the type of facebook email extraction tool that I wanted – the features that I wanted to see - a speed that was respectable and an overall function that was reliable.

Introducing Social Email Extractor

I decided to call it Social Email Extractor because the center focus of extraction is around social media related websites. However, it does include a host of article, blog and video related websites as well. Social Email Extractor is a combination of the following:

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Video Related:
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Article Related & Misc.
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Social Email Extractor doesn't just extract emails....

Built-in Keyword Generator
When I created this feature I knew ahead of time that it wouldn't be the be-all/end-all of keywords. However, it does give a second and third opinion. I programmed that tool to get keywords directly from Wordtracker. If you're into PPC then you'll know exactly what this is. I also threw in a second feature that extracts the ‘meta keywords' from the top 10 results of any given keyword. If you're a web developer then you'll appreciate and understand how this can provide a variety of choices.

Get Emails Based on Country
I knew there was a demand to extract emails from specific countries because I, myself, wanted such a feature. No such email extractor has such a feature. While the various factors involved made it difficult to provide a ratio or number with respect to the percentage of emails extracted are from a specific country – they are disproportionately high!

Advanced Email Extraction Options
I love being able to tweak things just the way I like them. That's why I created a special section dedicated to advanced users that want to take full advantage and use of the tool The advanced features include choosing your own search criteria, proxy timeout settings and max emails returned. I intend on adding to this section as the software evolves.

Extract Facebook Emails Fast!

How fast? I originally hoped for 100 emails per minute. That grew to 500. Now is averages at about 1000 per minute. In less then 10 minutes I have well over 10,000 emails.

That's approximately 60,000 emails per hour...
36,000 every six hours or
144,000 per day!

But here's the best part – that's only one session of the program running. Can you imagine how many emails you could extract with multiple sessions? There are many factors involved when extracting which have an effect on the speed however the average is anywhere from 500 to 1500 emails per minute. If that's not enough for you then contact me directly and I'll place you on the 'elite' server :)

Although I've only 'put the gas' down a few times the highest numbers I've extracted (so far) are as follows:

Approximately 1800 emails in a minute
158,000 emails in less then six hours

Watch this beta version of the program and see for yourself. In this short clip I extract over 10,000 emails!


I Extracted My Emails, Now What?

A large email list is great.
A personal large email list with a specific niche of your choosing is even better!

Now Let’s Clean The List!

The third part of my program was created because – again – these were features that I wanted. They’re features that I felt needed to be a part of the program – any email extraction program for that matter. I’ve dubbed it ‘The Cleaning Room’ – because it does just that – cleans your email list. Here’s a few more details:

Removal of Duplicates – I’ve found that some extractors will not remove case-sensitive emails – my program does

Removal of Spaces – Emails extracted sometimes have spaces between the letters. I want to make sure there are none before placing them in my emailer.

Apply White List – Some affiliate marketing companies will give you an email list to scrub against the list you’ve ‘acquired’. Applying the white list feature does this for you.

Apply Filter – The filter feature is used to remove any emails that contain specific words. It will make more sense when you see then examples that are preloaded when you load the page.

Email Validation – Validating emails is probably the most important step in creating an email list and a feature that was a must!

The Final Product =

A fresh, validated and niche email list of your choosing that will be used by you for your personal marketing.

The question now is do you want to be a part of the Social Email Extractor Network? You’ve heard my story and how I’ve come to create one of the most effective and fastest email extractors on the planet. If so, you can get all the details on my main website:


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